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The Climiti mountains

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The Climiti Mountains are a chain of hills sited on the eastern Sicily and including the municipalities of Melilli, Priolo Gargallo, Sortino and Syracuse. The maximum height of the plateau is 410 m asl and represent the last limb of Iblei mountains degrading to the Plains of Syracuse and that face east and the Ionian Sea to the west of the Anapo river valley.

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The name "Climiti" is derived from the greek klímax which means "scale", because the sides are made up of the plateau steps of rocks, furrowed radially from natural caves cut from the rock Bese up the plateau top. This mountain is, like all measurements iblei, white limestone rocks conchiglifere, namely limestone originated from the site in the Miocene marine deposited at the summit, at the base of limestone plaque limited - to the east and west - from deep faults that led to the lifting, there are sediementi of different eras, from the Cretaceous to the Quaternary, in particular, at the foot of the eastern escarpment, there are vulcaniti of Cretaceous, Miocene limestone and vulcanoclastici (tuff). Finally, the southern limit of the board there is a volcanic crater off, evidenced morphologically by a circular basin of pyroclastic rocks.

A characteristic quarry along the southeast side of Climiti, near the provincial road n. Floridia 25 - Priolo.La main feature of the morphology of Climate, in addition to the cave, is the presence of many caves, especially on the western slopes, which were important for paleontology, as in them were found a large number of fossils ( lamellibranch marine invertebrates and echinoderms and gastropods of different species) and bone remains of the Sicilian fauna existing at the time of glaciation (dwarf elephants, giant dormice, reptiles terrestrial and marine). Equally characteristic are the numerous castellucciane prehistoric necropolis dating to the late Bronze Age and Iron, as well as staircases carved into the rock, dating from the Byzantine period and the greek coevo military settlement of Castelluccio, nell'omonima contrada site, in the territory of Priolo Gargallo , which can still admire the remains of the walls. Along the eastern and southern sides there are also several artificial caves which are quickly causing the erosion of the flank of the mountain and the two invaded the hydroelectric of the Anapo.

Flora and Fauna
Many and varied are the varieties of animals and plants that are found on the Climiti, thanks to the sea that the humidifier zone and makes possible the survival of large areas of forest. Regarding the flora, the cliffs are covered with evergreen shrubs, the plains are the presence of olive, almond, carob, few fields of wheat and fodder, on the steep slopes of the Interior, there are pastures, pine forests and reforestation bushes thymus; in the quarries, however, there are forests of oak (Quercus ilex), and as this tree, shrub or bush as Doron and Eastern Europe, with occasional specimens of hornbeam and black rock nettle, a plant typical of the northeastern side of Iblei. The local fauna consists mostly of insects, including the kite (Lucanus tetraodon), but the birds of prey like the peregrine falcon (falco peregrinus) and Lanner (falco biarmicus), an extremely rare hawk in Italy and Sicily coturnice (Alectoris graeca whitakeri).


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